Friday, August 31, 2007

Wet Shower

So far, so good.

Thomas seems to like his teacher. It's the first time he's had a male teacher and we're all hoping he'll give T the kick in the pants he needs. Thomas was finally diagnosed with ADHD a few months ago. We had such a hard time getting the dx because he's a smarty pants; his I.Q. is 122. So, when he gets bored at school, he gets silly. And we've been dealing with this since preschool. We're currently on the 3rd type of medication. Hopefully, it'w doing the trick at school.

Kaleigh loves her teacher. Thomas had her last year, and we were surprised to see that K got her this year. The schools don't usually give siblings the same teachers. She's having fun already.

Garrett is going to run his new teacher ragged. On Wednesday she called to tell me that he had a great first day, but he was eating woodchips. On Thursday, the ST called to tell me that he was chewing on a crayon and then he proudly took a shower in the water fountain in the classroom (way to watch him). He kept telling everyone "wet shower". We all had a good chuckle. He's just so darn cute! He's able to get cafeteria lunch this year, so we're going to try it out next week. I can't imagine my little guy getting a tray and carrying it back to his seat...I'm assuming he'll have lots of help! Even the kindergarteners don't get lunch! How cool is he?

Braeden has been really rough lately. He never has slept through the night, but he'd at least sleep in his crib for 2 hours at a time...once in a great while I'd get 4 hours of sleep. The last month or so he's been really rotten about sleeping in his crib...screaming and screaming and upsetting Garrett. So, I've let him stay with me in bed (I don't care anymore as long as we all sleep). Well, lately he's waking up crying and crying there, too, and I'm really out of ideas. He fell asleep nursing tonight in the rocking chair. I put him in his crib and he immediately woke up and I let him scream for 50 minutes straight until he couldn't breathe so I gave in. I brought him back downstairs, nursed him again and now he's asleep in his swing and it's after midnight. I'm exhausted. I don't know how to stop this.

Well...I guess I'll go and try and find something to sleep with on the couch. He'll probably stay in the swing for an hour. Then I'll try taking him back upstairs. The 4th should be an easy kid; this has been a nightmare!!!!!! He's so lucky that he's cute.

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