Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do they really need pants?

I'm getting stressed for back to school. I know that somewhere, upstairs in a bag?, are a bunch of pants from last winter/spring that might (slim chance) still fit the kids. Which means I will have to spend MINUTES searching through the numerous unlabeled garbage bags in order to find the clothes. Then I'll have to dig through the unorganized mess of various sizes of clothing that, at the time, I did not feel the need to sort ("I'll just do it in the Fall"). All to find the pants. And I know that Thomas' will be too short, Kaleigh's will be too short and Garrett's will be too short. I don't think Braeden has anything in THE BAG. I will wash them anyway, and probably fold and put them away, too. And they will get put on the bottom of the pile each time we go through the drawers of clothes. So, why don't I save myself the stress? Why not just leave THE BAG where it is and take the checkbook and run to Target, Kohls, Sears, J.C. Penney? Because I can't get myself to spend the money on new pants if the old ones might fit! Soooooo...I guess I'll have to put aside some time to find THE BAG and search for THE PANTS!

I have 2 extra kids here today, and I'm telling you it sounds like I've got a herd of elephants running through my playroom. I've never heard it so loud in there! I guess I'll get a cup of coffee and a couple of tylenol and try to keep 'em all happy.
What I find amusing is that they're all playing in Braeden and Garrett's Dora Playhouse. The same playhouse that Kaleigh told me would be soooo embarrassing to have in her yard. "I'll never go in there. It's stupid". Hmmmmmmmmmm. I don't even know if they're letting B and G in! I hear they're playing "Little House in the Big Woods". Braeden may be playing the part of the bear, but I'm not sure.
Garrett is just happy to have kids around to play with. He gets so sad when his big brother and big sister are doing their big stuff. to make that coffee!

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