Thursday, August 23, 2007

Fourth Grade Survival Supply List

This is what I had to buy for Thomas for school this year:
1 2" three ring binder, white $9.49
1 binder, not too big, too hold folders $3.99
6 three-hole punched folders $7.00
2 Black marbled journals $2.00
Supply of notebook paper $2.00
3 boxes of #2 pencils $12.00
Sharpie markers, darker colors and have 1 black $8.29
scissors $2.29
erasers, tip of pencil ones $4.79
1 small pencil sharpener that holds shavings $2.99
supply of colored pens for correcting $6.29
2 EXPO markers and eraser $7.99
1 box colored pencils $.99
supply of post it notes 3x3 $9.98
supply of 3x5 index cards $3.59
calculator $3.99
a pencil bag $4.99
ruler $.59

Are you freaking kidding me? I spent close to $100 on Thomas already and he can't wear any of it! Kaleigh needed to buy pencils, a folder and a pencil case. Now this isn't including the $175 I already spent on 2 LL Bean Backpacks and 3 LL Bean lunchbags (one for Garrett, too). And we still need to go back to school shopping for clothes!

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Jessica said...

Isn't it crazy the amount of money it takes to go back to school?! Just wait till they're all in college :)

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