Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Crappy Shutup

So...Garrett's teacher this year is Mrs. Clabby. Now, that is tough name for Garrett to say; it comes out sounding like "crappy". We've been working on it for a few days now, and still "crappy". And now for some reason, he's added "shutup" to her name, so now when I ask him to say Clabby, he says "crappy shutup". Great. I already warned her and the ST (both got a chuckle out of it). Should be an interesting year!

We also got a chance to see his old preschool teacher (he had her for two years). She's over at Thomas and Kaleigh's school today. It was great to see her; but I'm really going to miss her. She let Garrett and Braeden run around her classroom while she unpacked. We've already decided that Braeden will be attending the same preschool. I love the fact that it's housed in a grammar school, so that the kids are able to leave the room and go to art in the art room, library in the library, music in the music room, gym in the gym and eat in the cafeteria. And they can participate in the school programs and shows. They also get to go on field trips (on school buses), which I think is great. And the older kids help out as reading buddies and as helpers for school field days. Also, the teachers are wonderful and there are sooo many of them. Last year, Garrett actually helped bake cookies in the school kitchen (and then we ate them when the parents visited), and they get to do neat centers like the water table, sand table, shaving cream center (Garrett always smelled so good when he came home!)

Anyway...there is another little girl with DS in Garrett's class this year, and I'm so excited. She's a little cutie (Natalie). We're practicing saying her name (without adding shutup).

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That is too funny!

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