Friday, September 7, 2007


I woke up this morning with a spot below my old MRSA scar on my right side. I've already been to my doc this a.m.; she is putting me on Bactrim and calling the ID doctor I saw last year to see what we can do with me and my family. This has been a nightmare! I know it could be so much worse, but the fact that this stupid bug is still lingering is so frustrating and frightening. She sent out a culture, now I have to wait and see if we're treating it the right way, or if it's back to the hospital for IV antibiotics again. I could just scream.........

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Housewife's Prayer


Thank you dear Lord for things I must do.

Tasks to complete that are never quite through.

Thank you for laundry that piles up so fast.

For the tub I just cleaned, though I know it won't last.

Thanks for the toys that litter my floor.

For shoes that are mud-caked and sit by the door.

Thank you for fingerprints on freshly cleaned glass.

Thanks for the carpet, now covered with grass.

These things in my life just prove that I'm blessed;

God gave me a family, I can live with the mess.

Sheila Hammock Gosney

A Few Questions

Why am I the only one that notices Capri Sun straw wrappers stuck to the dog and lying on the playroom floor? Why am I the only person capable of putting away a pair of shoes? Am I the only person who notices the dirty socks that have been sitting in the hallway all day long? Or how about those few stray cheerios under the coffee table in the living room? Or the empty root beer can on the mantle? Why do they pile more garbage on top of the already full trash can in the bathroom? My favorite is when they just throw garbage over the gate into the hallway and leave it there! How come nobody puts the dirty laundry down the chute until I ask, even if they have to step over it to get to the toilet? And why not throw out the paper cup they use when they brush their teeth? Why are they all left on the sink? And if you see a pencil or crayon on the floor, how hard is it to pick it up? The same goes for loose change... And if you have something on the stairs that belongs in your room, how hard is it to bring it up with you? You're walking right past it!!! And how about getting garbage into the actual can? And what's up with all of the empty cups/cans in their bedrooms? And dirty clothes on their floors? Then they complain that they don't have socks. And why can't they take their garbage out of the van when they get out? I only venture to the back seat occasionally, because I get so mad when I'm back there! And how hard is it to put their outdoor toys away? How many things have we replaced because they got left outside? And those darn dirty fingerprints on the refrigerator door and around the doorknobs and lightswitches...ugh! And leaving empty boxes in the snack cabinet and then wondering why I didn't buy more poptarts? How am I supposed to know that they're empty?

O.k., that's enough for now. I have to go and peel the straw wrappers off of the dog, empty the garbages, throw laundry down the chute, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, make lunch, clean up lunch, fold clothes and put them away, vacuum, clean the fridge, change numerous diapers, figure out what is for dinner, make dinner, clean up dinner, do dishes, do laundry, force kids to do homework, give baths, iron clothes, pack snacks..........

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Swimming Poo

Gotta love neighbors when they're throwing out something as cool as a Little Tikes Boat that's a sandbox and/or a pool. I made Bill and Thomas cross the street and snag it yesterday. I cleaned it out and filled it up for Garrett who absolutely loved it. He and Kaleigh were playing for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden, Kaleigh screams "There's poop!". And yep, there it is...on the bottom of the pool. I had thought that the water had begun to look a little cloudy. Sooooo...I grab Garrett, who's swim diaper is dangling between his knees, and wrap him in a towel to get him inside and cleaned up but....he's got poo water dripping down both legs and we left a trail through the house; NASTY! I got him cleaned up, shamPOOed the carpet, and bleached the boat. I'm so sick of poo!

Today I'm hoping to get Braeden in there. I'm hoping that we can keep the water clean for a day!

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Now add 60 lbs. to her. I guess she's my "After Meez".

Anyway...Garrett is sooo thoughtful:
I had just finished moving all the toys from the living room back to the playroom. I don't understand why they always bring the toys in...they have a playroom to play in, and a t.v. in there, so why do they have to watch t.v. in the living room? Anyway, I put the Wiggles on for Braeden and Garrett in the living room while I went into the kitchen to get things ready for dinner. After about 5 minutes, Garrett was crying at the gate. I figured he wanted to go in the dining room with Kaleigh to watch her play online, so I ignored it. Finally after a few more minutes, I went to see why he was crying. By this time, he was back in front of the t.v. All I saw were cheeks, because he took his pull-up off. I looked to see where B was, and what he was doing. He was sitting on the couch right next to where Garrett was standing and seemed to be occupied. As I looked more closely, I could see a faint brown smear on Garrett's leg...that's when I knew I was in trouble. What could be keeping Braeden so quiet? Well, I think since I took the toys, Garrett felt the need to supply his baby brother with something new to play with. YUCK!!!! Thank God Braeden wasn't snacking, but it was smeared on his legs, feet, all over his hands and under his nails. GROSS! I didn't know who to grab first, so I took off B's shirt and wrapped it around his hands and tied it so he couldn't get his fingers while I grabbed Garrett. Needless to say, they both had a very good scrubbing while daddy disposed of Braeden's newest toy. UGH! Never a dull moment!!!! And after I did all the bathing and cleaning, Bill walked in the room and Garrett says "sorry, dad".

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Held Hostage by a Hose

I wish I had a videocamera outside today.

I took Braeden and Garrett out to play since it was so nice out. They ran in two different directions and I couldn't keep up. I kept trying to force K to help; T was in the house and Bill was on the roof. I finally decided to fill up the water table. Garrett loved it, but Braeden was still unimpressed sooooo I took out the hose and just started spraying everyone. This went well until I had to put the hose down to chase Braeden and Garrett grabbed it. He immediately turned it on me, and whenever I'd get close to him, he'd spray me and laugh hysterically! I couldnt' grab the damn hose from him and he thought it was great! It took a while to finally distract him so I could grab the hose. Monster. Then he ran to the water table and jumped right in and stuck his face right under. The kid has no fear (and hopefully his tubes are o.k.). He was actually shivering so much, he had a hard time talking! So, off to the bathtub for a nice, warm, bubbly bath with his partner in crime. I swear, he told Braeden to distract me so he could grab the hose! The two of them have so much fun together. I'm in big trouble!

And we brought T.J. back in the house today. Braeden and Garrett love having him inside. We all (6 of us and 2 dogs) went for a walk tonight, too. What a sight we must have been. Now, Thomas and Kaleigh are responsible for letting T.J. in and out and feeding him. We'll see how long this lasts.

Please Pray for Chelsea