Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Swimming Poo

Gotta love neighbors when they're throwing out something as cool as a Little Tikes Boat that's a sandbox and/or a pool. I made Bill and Thomas cross the street and snag it yesterday. I cleaned it out and filled it up for Garrett who absolutely loved it. He and Kaleigh were playing for about 15 minutes when all of a sudden, Kaleigh screams "There's poop!". And yep, there it is...on the bottom of the pool. I had thought that the water had begun to look a little cloudy. Sooooo...I grab Garrett, who's swim diaper is dangling between his knees, and wrap him in a towel to get him inside and cleaned up but....he's got poo water dripping down both legs and we left a trail through the house; NASTY! I got him cleaned up, shamPOOed the carpet, and bleached the boat. I'm so sick of poo!

Today I'm hoping to get Braeden in there. I'm hoping that we can keep the water clean for a day!


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Jessica said...

Oh no! Joey got our carpet the other day too, it was not fun! I feel your pain!

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