Thursday, March 6, 2008


O.k., in Feb. 2007 I sprained my ankle. I really destroyed it in April of 2007; my doc gave me an air cast to wear. It never got better. I saw some neuro doc about 6 weeks ago who took an x-ray and gave me a steroid injection which did nothing. It felt better for a few weeks (had nothing to do with the shot) and now it really started hurting again...and it figures, I've been doing so well with the treadmill and the bike!!! I'm supposed to call him and the plan was to send me for an MRI. I'm so upset because I NEED to exercise every day in order to see a loss and I seem to just be starting to kick my body into gear. I'm going to try and get on the bike today at the gym (maybe I'll pad my sore butt with some toilet paper...I HATE bike seats!). Just so darn angry!!!!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh sorry! That's gotta suck! My bottom can't handle any bike seats but the old granny kinds! Why is it that the more padding we have on our bottoms the less padding it feels like the bikes have??

The Mom said...

Oh no :( I'm not good with the bikes either :)

I've awarded you an award - c'mon over to Brady's Bunch and pick it up :)


Pam said...

That sucks!! I hope things are better now.

You need to update with a pict of the G-man....and the rest of the kiddos too!!


Michelle said...

are you going to start blogging again?! :)

Please Pray for Chelsea